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Suddenly, she is now a prophet like person Superior to anyone around her. Suddenly into herself and a know it all. Even challenging Bible meanings! Opinions of others are always questioned, debated, and challenged! Now, the family is broken! This has been a tramatic time and expierience for us! Even friends stop coming over.

There is No Easy Road to Enlightenment

All this in one years time! How is someone supposed to deal with all this? Divorce is looming. She is ok with that and has mentally preparing to abandon family! Any prayers, thoughts, suggestions would be greatly appreciated. God bless! I love reading your comment, but, I can see how scary it is for you, given you subscribe to man-made religion. GOD is not outside of you and your spouse has figured that out. She is her own savior. She is her own medicine. She is waking up from a very long spell of amnesia and she is her very own elixir for it. It can be very hard for family i can understand, but everyone have a individual life with a other story in their minds with different beliefs, we as a person have our own individual lives.

You have your own version what is good for her and she got her own version. Do you think their is a person that thinks completely the same as you? No because we are our own person. Just be their for her without judgement, that is the most difficult thing in this process is that people judge.

Just be their for her without judgement and be interested in her is the thing she needs most how difficult it be for you. Love is the reason why you are here on this site, the foundation. But you are scared because you see change, but why is it so bad?

OSHO: Spiritual Growth and Enlightenment ...

I have travelled the world, worked in foreign countries, speak three languages have a son in England, a son in Thailand, a daughter and granddaughter in Germany and now at 70 I am doing some rice farming in North East Thailand and live in a small village. Hi David, how are you?


And if you have the capacity to be the observer, the architect and the builder, why not exploit that capacity? Why conform with just being the observer? Hi, thank you for sharing I had a kundalini awakening since 5 years ago. I feel this stange sensation rinsing in my back to my head all day long.

Can you help me excuse my english, my english is not very good. Im sorry you have deal with this. And Im sure you feel alone cause its how I feel as well. I got my bf at the moment but have been told through thoughts I have to give that up as well Im scared and Like it says here you wont get any help sadly. Everyone I tell Im scared to ask what the fuck and I scared of they dont understand this even if you explain it to them and you are left to do it alone. Got the same back stuff and headaches as well.

Thanks Dr. My lover is back. I hope to get married soon! I stumbled upon this. I am so happy that I was led to your writing. I am currently going through this. The heartache, the pain and suffering, the abandonment… i am still fighting this.. You know how it is. I dont understand it.. I started feeling so much better and losing weight. Then I felt like my belief system was collapsing.

The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism, and Progress

I felt like everything I thought I knew was either a lie or ass backwards. I started to look at things differently, nature looked beautiful and I felt a strong feeling of connectedness and at the same time I felt betrayed by humans. After that, I started searching for the truth in everything, mostly external.

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I started reading spiritual books on seeking, meditation, awakening and so on. Then I started meditating and praying. Well basically I feel like everything is true and false at the same time, almost as if whatever anyone beliefs is there truth even if its a lie and if its a lie, there is also truth to it. Beautiful article! Everything resonated so well. Thank you for sharing. It is so uplifting when you hear someone share their journey and you can tell their story is genuine and they have traversed the path.

Thank you very much Greg for sharing your experience.

On Attaining Buddhahood in This Lifetime | Soka Gakkai International (SGI)

It was unbelievably peaceful and beautiful. Most people have an intellectual understanding of spirituality, but when your very soul is touched, when the veil is pierced, when the Divine connects with your soul, that is when our journey of enlightenment takes on full meaning. Blessing to you. What actually happened was very different. It really was HELL. I went through all of these trials and difficulties that felt like they were stripping me to my core.

A couple of times I literally lost all of my possessions. Really it was my understanding of myself and my life that was being unlearned. And a little over a year ago, just when I thought I was becoming wise, I had the biggest setback of my life, followed by months of deep transformation that was really needed for my survival.

Only in the past month do I feel this sense of calm and you are so right, one revelation after another, like downloads. I legitimately cried as I read your article because you so beautifully and precisely described the exact changes and thoughts that I have been having for the past few months. I have accepted like you had, that this is a very very lonely road and it should never be expected that someone travel this road with me.

Just today I was afraid to see how much deeper I could continue to perceive, feel, and know and I always question to see if I can handle this road.

The herd is powerful due to their sheer number, however, the beauty of the self is to be at peace so that you can be by yourself and still enjoy the company. I truly thank you so much for writing this article. I hope you respond because I would love to have an actual conversation with you if you are available. Thank you and I hope you keep practicing your peace.