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By the time of the presentation, they were confident of Murdock's plan. In fact, it wasn't Murdock's plan anymore. Each employee had embraced it. It had become their plan. And you know what?

It worked! It was lighthearted and fun-and a good lead-in to very serious topics for our company. Now I realize the true miracle was my employees' trust in me. I now feel greatly honored that they were willing to follow me into the white-collar equivalent of a minefield. And I'm relieved that we all came out of it with our dignity and professionalism intact.

We know because we witnessed the meeting firsthand. It wasn't long after that skit that we started work on The Integrity Advantage, our first book on the subjects of trust, integrity and leadership. Trust, we realized after much study and experience, is the basis for all successful relationships-in business and in life. And integrity is what inspires trust. It just makes sense, then, that a person who wants to be trusted, followed and admired must first pursue integrity.

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Dana Telford | The Family Business Consulting Group

Add to Wishlist. Buy Used. USD Ship This Item — This item is available online through Marketplace sellers. Buy Online, Pick up in Store is currently unavailable, but this item may be available for in-store purchase. To identify these attributes and better understand them, we undertook a study. We also suggest ways of further enhancing these dimensions and their constituent attributes. Universalism represents an understanding, appreciation, and tolerance for the welfare of people generally, and is a macro perspective approach to work and life.

The character attributes of respectfulness, fairness, cooperativeness, and compassion in particular fit best with this definition of universalism. Transformation is consistent with the concept of transformational leadership as an activity that inspires others in the achievement of long-term, visionary goals. The character attributes of courage and passion best represent this factor. Transformation is a situation-specific process that relies on the competence and self-reliance of the incumbent in their delivery of inspired and values-driven strategic direction for the enterprise.

Selflessness, integrity, and organization loyalty best represent the characteristics of benevolence. Universalism is the outward expression of leadership character and is made manifest by respectfulness for others, fairness, cooperativeness, compassion, spiritual respect, and humility.

4 Steps to Becoming a Transformational Leader

Merck, a leading pharmaceutical products and services company in the U. It promotes teamwork by providing employees with work that is meaningful in a safe and dynamic workplace. Therefore, building cooperation as an attribute of character requires commitment, possible corporate redesign, and consciousness of client needs, both internal and external. Linda Nicholls, chairperson of Australia Post, argues that recent terrorist activities and the spate of corporate collapses around the globe have given rise to widespread social concerns for safety, security, and certainty.

Nicholls argues that leaders need to show compassion because of the fears such events have generated, and to balance the drive for innovation, risk and growth with the human need for safety and security. The mother of one of the women who works in our factory, died a few days ago and the funeral is going to be on stock-take day. Each person is treated as an individual, we know their needs, and we try to cater to some of their wants. Respect for individual beliefs and customs has a long history. It is about trust and not about power. Despite broad acknowledgement of its importance, being humble does not sit comfortably with the healthy egos of many executives.

Some CEOs operate under the mistaken beliefs that they are infallible, and that to admit error or concede a superior point of argument is a weakness. There was no room for humility in those situations.

Local Business News in Brief

Humility may be an anachronism in a world recognized by the combat of commerce rather than by cooperative and collegial workplaces. When we examine humility across cultures, there are compelling differences.

For example, Japanese CEOs have been known to resign when their projected company profits fell short of the mark. Leaders who shift responsibility back to themselves in good times as well as bad have strength of character that goes beyond standard leadership constructs.

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These leaders possess the attributes commonly referred to as servant leadership. One of the key elements of this leadership philosophy is humility, or the capacity to commit to your workers as much as you do to the bottom line. The guiding principle of servant leadership is to serve rather than to lead. Serving your workers, being a steward of their efforts, takes a considerable dose of humility and rests on a strong sense of self-identity. Nonetheless, the common characteristics of company leaders who have achieved outstanding and sustainable financial performance in this dynamic environment include modesty, humility, quietness, and self-effacing behavior.

These attributes are indicators of leaders quietly aware of their roles in the overall scheme of things. Transformation is how leaders achieve universal and benevolent outcomes, and is the second main factor of leadership character. Transformational leaders with character have courage, passion, wisdom, competency, and self-discipline in their leadership repertoire.

Managerial courage includes the willingness to do what is right in the face of risk.

The Relationship Economy

Acting with courage may result in unpleasant experiences, yet it is a fundamental ingredient of leadership. Corporate courage manifests itself in many ways. General Electric GE requires law firms on its panels to compete for projects through online, eBay-style auctions which force competing bids to a financial bottom line that allows for comparability across all contenders who are promoting their wares. This innovative and courageous approach coaxes the best out of competitors.

From this perspective, courage is immediate and localized. Michelle Peluso, the chief executive of Travelocity, a US travel company, exemplifies courage. She knows that being innovative requires risk and facing the possibility of failure. Implementing the model required an investment in technology and training. Peluso was unwavering in the face of mounting ambivalence. Peluso did not yield to these pressures.

Instead, she worked hard to influence investors by developing a strong rapport with employees and encouraging them to be innovative and passionate about their work. She introduced a weekly prize for outstanding and innovative work by staff. Travelocity has recently been certified as an official third-party distributor for the Intercontinental Hotels Group because of its supplier-friendly policies.

John McFarlane , the CEO of the ANZ bank in Australia, believes that leadership is about choosing to make a difference and that when you reflect on making a difference it must be in areas about which one is passionate.

Dr Henry Cloud Leadership Boundaries HD

For example, toward the end of his seventh year as president of the University of Cincinnati, Bennis was giving a talk at the Harvard School of Education. For Bennis, this realization was a major turning point in his life, as it made him realize that his passion lie in teaching and writing. If passion or love of your work or vocation is missing, then choose another vocation. Wisdom underpins major decisions. Former BP CEO John Browne was the first CEO in the oil industry to openly acknowledge the impact the industry was having on the environment, and to highlight the ways of reducing green-house gas emissions.

Raymond initially was skeptical about global warming. Exxon became the target of a boycott in Europe, which encouraged Raymond to change his stance. The first and most important ingredient of leadership seems to me to be to possess a rounded and comprehensive knowledge of the subject matter with which you are dealing and about which you want others to act in a particular way. Smith says that his vision for creating FedEx was the result of studying a mathematical discipline called topology.

Through this study he realized that if you connected all points on a network through a central hub, the resulting efficiencies could be huge. For Smith, competence does matter. Author and former CEO of international medical technology company, Medtronics, Bill George argues that self-discipline is the attribute that converts values into consistent action. Self-discipline requires the maturity to do what is needed, not always what is desired in the present moment.

I give everything I have at that moment to what I am focusing on. I also abide by my own operating principles like staying away from voice mails and e-mails when I am with my kids and my husband. As a means of maintaining a balance between professional and personal roles, self-discipline is an important component of effective leadership.

2. Decisiveness

The third major dimension of leadership character is benevolence, and is associated with loyalty, selflessness, integrity, and honesty. Mulcahy has exhibited a deep loyalty to her organisation.