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Vierne's "Berceuse" sounded towards the end of the program and by the time Paulius' turn had come, I had almost finished the editing process. I hope you'll enjoy playing this piece yourself from my PDF score 3 pages. I've edited it to be played with pedals and two manuals even though "Berceuse" was originally published on two staves.

Berceuse de Jocelyn - GODARD /Caens

Here the bottom stave is mostly shared by the left hand and the feet parts. Secrets of Organ Playing Store.


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Let me know how your practice goes. Here we have another new recording that clearly demonstrates that this wonderful instrument need not be replaced.

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  • Berceuse () for Organ | Carson Cooman – Composer.
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Even though the original Op. Skinner Organ has undergone many additions and revisions over the years, it is still a remarkable and impressive pipe organ. There's nothing like hitherto unheard music to stimulate interest.

1E Trumpet (or cornet), Trombone (or horn) & piano (or organ)

Organist Jeremy Filsell certainly picked a selection of works that, each in their own distinct way, emphasize the qualities of this large pipe organ, from its beautiful Carillon to its powerful Trompette en Chamade or seismic wave producing 64' Bombarde Basse. Highlights include the technically challenging Toccata by Nancy Plummer Faxon.

Berceuse Paraphrase Organ

The Prelude "Were you there? Jeremy Filsell takes all the time in the world to allow the beauty and serenity of Prelude "Were you there?

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You wish the ever-so-quiet final chord would never end. George Baker 's evocatively stirring contemplation on the baby Jesus in his Berceuse-paraphrase , masterfully crafted around the melody to "Away in a manger" , ending on a sublime note with the surprise inclusion of the first four notes of "Silent Night". This piece would make a wonderful addition to any Christmas concert or CD.