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Likes: 8 Shares: 12 Comments: 1. Comment on Facebook Another Witch Hunt and waste of time. Since the Virgin Islands Source — the only online newspaper of general circulation in the U. Virgin Islands — has been providing the community with reliable, accurate and fair community-centered journalism. May 1, - Published on Amazon. After spending several hours tending his garden, Anansi Jr.

AJ works up a tremendous appetite. He decides that the perfect way to ease his hunger is to head into town, go to the Mango Camion, and purchase some sweet, juicy Julie Mangos. AJ being AJ, he purchases as many mangos as he can carry, which is a lot since he is a spider and has four hands. While in town, Amani Ant decides he wants to treat his younger sister to a Julie Mango only to discover that the camion has run out.

When he runs into AJ who has a huge supply of the fruit, he asks if he can purchase on of them for his sister.


AJ refuses. As AJ travels home, he is so focused on keeping all the mangos for himself, that he ends up losing them all. It is then that Jamila Lizardly teaches AJ an important lesson about sharing, but it is up to AJ to apply this new wisdom to his life. As is the case in most fables and folk tales, the story has an obvious, yet unspoken message, in this case focusing on the value of sharing.

The vibrant illustrations are engaging and will quickly capture the attention of even very young readers, drawing them into the story in the process.

The book also includes a section at the end that covers fun facts and a glossary, this helps readers with definitions of the more difficult vocabulary words, and also brief descriptions of some of the people, places, and things readers unfamiliar with the Caribbean may not have previously been exposed to. May 11, - Published on Amazon. Based in part, on Afro-Caribbean folklore, Anansi was the great trickster and somewhat of cult hero to islanders.

Welcome to Beatport

For hundreds of years, folk tales about the Macka Tree and the spirits dwelling within roots have been passed down through the generations. As with many cherished stories, the fictional fires erupted from a spark of truth. The story begins with AJ tending his garden, filled with beautiful plants, including his award winning Monkey Tail Shrub. There was only one thing that he loved more than gardening and that was eating.

However, he was a very greedy spider and had never experienced the joy of sharing.

Anansi and Company Book by Bish Denham

Nevertheless, on this day, he would learn a valuable lesson about the spirit of giving and friendship. Once again, Hooper and Degand have delivered a fictional tale, filled with life lesson of immense importance. From the first colorful page, the reader is transported to the heart of the Caribbean. The emotion-filled drawings bring the words, as well as, the island itself to life. Introducing names with various origins, such as Swahili or Haitian, offers children an opportunity to expand their vocabulary, while embracing cultural diversity.

Although Coomacka Island is an uncharted, fictional Island, the morals and values found here have universal appeal.

Island of Wings – House of Anansi Press

Featuring an entertaining forward and fun facts at the conclusion, Hooper and Degand have created a multi-layered, multi-cultural series that will be cherished by children, parents and teachers the world over. And with the addition of the interactive website, exploring Coomacka Island is only a click away.

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March 4, - Published on Amazon. Hooper Illustrated by Darnel Degand [ Coomacka Island, Anansi Jr. Hooper is a Caribbean tale that involves Anansi Jr. I look forward to all the adventures to continue, and will honestly being collecting each one for my grandson Caden to enjoy. This is a wonderful book for all young readers and is highly recommended as a must for the children in your life.