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Cazan is an Assistant Professor of English at Saint Francis University in Pennsylvania, where she teaches world and postcolonial literature and creative writing. This is news.

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Read this book. The accident of birth is quizzical.

The Accident of Birth \ Roxana Cazan

Why should the jellyfish claim immortality but not the deer that catapults into stale death as quickly as the blast injects fear into its feeble heart? In the birthing room, flooded by August light, another woman traded baby names with my mother.

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I recited hymns with pious pride, my ochre vinyl bookcase propped steadily at my feet. I waited in long lines for bread and giblets, earnestness pounding at the fuselage of hunger. To my Carpathian ears, saffron is a yellow stone studded in the bed of gifted earrings. The brittle fragrance of sandalwood never frayed from burnt incense over my boney limbs. I never leafed with patience through the story of Ishmael bathing in the well of Beerlahairoi from left to right.

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Indeed, many of the most important historical figures are defined precisely by their ethnicity, historical moment, particular place, and the nurture of family and community. Consider Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The community and social networks which Dr. King and his family inhabited were not incidental either to Dr.

Topics for “an accident of birth”

The oppression he experienced as a black man in the South is not incidental. King cannot be separated from these essential genetic, historical, geographic, relational realities. Finally, it must be noted that adversity is not incidental to the identity and character of a person. This is patently not true.

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We honor individuals precisely because of the particularities. Conversely, we rightly discount the voice of those whose lived experience has not persevered through adversity. Caste and gender-based quotas are ineffective in addressing the disadvantage since they focus not on the beginning of the process with birth but on adulthood. The belief that one cannot do much about 'the accident of birth' is pessimistic.

The Accident of Birth \ Roxana Cazan | Main Street Rag

Mehtabul Azam and Vipul Bhatt found a positive correlation in India between a state's ranking in public education spending and its measure of intergenerational educational mobility. But this is a tall order for a country that has one of the lowest ratios of health and education expenses to GDP. Those who are born to riches may have a role to play by transferring some of their affluence through an inheritance tax.

A fairer starting point would be to allow those on the 'wrong end' of the accident of birth to become part of the mainstream much earlier. A society that makes an effort to undo the accident of birth will be an inclusive one.

An all-India NRC would turn citizens into supplicants. Pawar fights to keep flock, Sena helps by lifting a rebel. Sport Cricket Horse Racing Football. My Profile Logout. Published