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By taking a big step back and using the blueprint to truly see the end-to-end and surface-to-core all together as one, it grants you the freedom to then make big or small changes to how your organization delivers, which results in the improvement and evolution of the customer journeys it supports. That narrative is a powerful tool to rally a group around true human-centered design, and that can be an end unto itself.


If you already have a good understanding of your customer experience, or identified a particular pain point for the customer or the internal teams, then blueprinting should be your next step. It will allow you to dive deep into how you deliver an experience and how your organization functions for better or worse , allowing you to address organizational pain and breakdown of processes internally. The cross-functional collaboration it fosters brings diverse organizational knowledge into a central place for the first time.

In reality, you might be losing tremendous amounts of time, money, and employee moral by maintaining a great customer experience by using inefficient and painful internal processes.

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In cases like these, you might consider using the journey mapping tool to map the emotional experiences of your internal actors in order to understand organizational pain, challenges, and opportunities for improvement. We have to pay attention to these internal organizational experiences just as much as we pay attention to the customer experience.


Journey mapping and service blueprinting are both critical methods to understand and use in doing service design work. It is important to understand the difference between the two, and how they compliment each other. The next time you look at a customer journey, try digging beneath the surface to look down to the core of what is supporting that journey.

Use journey in a sentence | journey sentence examples

Understanding how it all adds up to create that surface customer journey means now you know. And knowing is half the battle. Sign in. Get started. The difference between a journey map and a service blueprint. Megan Erin Miller Follow.

A journey in search of the north London metropolitan elite

Set the stage Before we dive in, we need a little context. What is a journey map? What is a service blueprint?

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Building the blueprint To create a service blueprint, you first need to have identified one or more end-to-end journeys, called scenarios, that you want to blueprint. Conclusion Journey mapping and service blueprinting are both critical methods to understand and use in doing service design work. Practical Service Design Helping educate, motivate, and integrate service design into practical work contexts at www.

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Service experience designer, community leader, design strategist. Co-founder of www. Practical Service Design Follow.

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Around that time, inspired by the legions of Minecraft players who record and broadcast their adventures, Mac started a YouTube channel to document his virtual exploits. Mac has filmed his entire odyssey , breaking it up into separate YouTube episodes, which now make up four seasons.

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  4. While the premise of walking in a single direction through a video game for hundreds of hours may seem banal, Minecraft has a special ability to create unscripted character drama. But, in an unlikely plot twist, Mac was reunited with the Wolfie during the first episode of season four, and the pair continued the journey together. When Mac began his quest, he was employed as a Web designer, but, as his channel attracted more viewers, he started generating enough advertising revenue to quit his job and make virtual exploration his sole career. In a way, his viewers have become his patrons, funding his trip in exchange for reports and updates, which are interesting enough to elicit their continued support.

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    Persson is an avid supporter of the Far Lands journey. The charitable cause also gave Mac a reason to withhold how far he has travelled, in order to maintain a sense of mystery. Show all. Table of contents 14 chapters Table of contents 14 chapters Introduction Pages Yackel, Erna et al.

    Introduction Pages Cobb, Paul. Introduction Pages Cobb, Paul et al.

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